Terms of Use

Will You Stand is a global movement encouraging a peaceful and patriotic worldwide protest on September 5, 2021 to oppose vaccine passports, mask mandates and lockdowns.

Will You Stand was created to encourage citizens to either participate in or organize their state’s or country’s part in the Will You Stand protest.

Will You Stand offers resources for individuals to connect with their corresponding state’s or country’s protest but does NOT organize each state’s or country’s protest.

If you use language inciting violence, insurrection or illegal behavior, Will You Stand will remove you from group chats, block you on social media, add you to a list of individuals prohibited from participating in the protest and send your name, the contents of your message and social media username to law enforcement.

By visiting WillYouStand.org, you certify that you understand that Will You Stand is a peaceful and patriotic protest and that appropriate legal action will be taken should you incite violence, encourage illegal behavior, spread contradicting messages or participate in oppositional messaging or behavior.